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At Timeshare Withdrawals Team we’re experts in the timeshare industry. There are thousands of people around the globe experiencing issues with their timeshare contracts, and we assist many in this situation. From our free initial consultation, through to any actions taken after, we’re here to provide the best possible advice to those experiencing an issue with their timeshare.


The legislation surrounding timeshares differs from country to country, plus rules are constantly changing. We stay on top of all new regulations, ensuring you always receive the most accurate and up-to-date advice. By the time your initial consultation finishes, you’ll understand your situation completely and will be aware of how to move forward.


Our team, which comprises of many timeshare experts with huge experience in the industry, has helped hundreds of people trapped in unfair, and sometimes illegal, timeshare contracts. Alongside dealing with existing timeshares and their issues, we’re also able to offer advice to anyone thinking about taking out a timeshare agreement.


Time is running out to terminate timeshare contracts, thanks to Brexit

The impact of Brexit means that time is running out to legally terminate many timeshare contracts, so please contact us as soon as possible if you need assistance with this.

Up to date with all recent timeshare rules and regulations

We ensure we know about all the latest regulations within the timeshare industry, plus we keep track of all important timeshare news.

Free and unbiased advice for everyone

We have a huge amount of experience in the timeshare industry and will share our knowledge for free.

Experts in complex cases

Our expertise ensures we can handle the most complex of timeshare situations. Throughout the process, we will provide the best advice possible, plus we’ll also help you to make sense of the intricacies of the case.



Mr & Mrs JohnsonStaffordshire
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❝ After everything that has happened this year and the uncertainty for the future, we decided that we wanted to relinquish our timeshare as our children didn't want to be burdened with the maintenance costs. The advice offered from TWT was exactly what we wanted. 11 months later after meeting the legal advisor we are now free of our contract . Many thanks and we can highly recommend the TWT to anyone considering exiting their timeshare.
Mr & Mrs P HowarthLiverpool
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❝ We have had a Timeshare in Tenerife since 2001, as the years have gone on and after various upgrades and thousands spent, we had found it increasingly difficult to get the availability we wanted and had paid for. We were under the impression that at any stage we could sell our Timeshare back for a profit as we were told that it was a great investment. Sadly, this wasn't the case, after multiple back and fourths with the company we realised we could no longer relinquish when we wanted and was therefore stuck into something we no longer wanted. After speaking to the Timeshare Withdrawal Team, we managed to not only get out of contract but claim back compensation we were due after unknowingly being mis sold products. We are grateful for the work you have done on our behalf.
Mr & Mrs SinghEssex
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❝ We bought our Timeshare in 2007 for the beginning part we had enjoyed our stays however my husband got sick and has been unable to travel for the last few years. We had tried to give our Timeshare back but was unable to. We continued to pay our maintenance fees but they started to increase and with my husband's condition it all came too much. We spoke to the Timeshare Withdrawal Team and they arranged for us to have a consultation to discuss how we can exit. In the end we have managed to get out and even made a claim back due to the contract we had. Happy days!
Mrs Joy WintersLytham St Annes
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❝ I was told by my timeshare company that when i was 75 years old i could walk away from my membership ..but as I have an in perpetuity contract, I am unable to do this. So i took advise from timeshare withdrawals team who passed me on to a creditable legal advice company, they were very helpful and i am very grateful for their advice.
Barbara T. Shropshire
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❝ I have been trying to sell my membership for over 4 years, when purchasing my timeshare, I was told that if my circumstances change, I could easily sell it. It was a nightmare, I had to continue paying for something I could not use. Thankfully Timeshare Withdrawals Team, not only helped to get me find who to help me out of the headache to relinquish it and they also successfully managed to claim money back for me. Thanks for your help
Mr & Mrs TurnerNottinghamshire
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❝ Many thanks to TWT and the solicitors they passed us too for all the help with relinquishing our timeshare membership with Marriotts, great service from start to finish. Would highly recommend.
Mr & Mrs CarterBuckinghamshire
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❝ When we first received a call from TWT we were very sceptical but we listened to their information and was forwarded to a company they recommended for impartial, no obligation legal advice and thankfully now we are free from our timeshare which we never thought would have happened and a bonus we also claimed some of our monies back. Many thanks to TWT for your initial call, we would highly recommend these services to help you escape from your timeshare.
Dian Holland Ayr
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❝ I had 2 weeks' timeshare in Spain, I had great holidays but due to ill health I can no longer travel I was told by my timeshare company if I break my contract it would cost me 6 years maintenance fees. I contacted T.W.T and they put me in the right direction, I am now out of my contract and it cost me half of what I would have paid for the 6 years maintenance fees.
Tracie PeersDoncaster
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❝ After being left a “vacation club membership” by my mum who had passed away some months ago, I didn’t realise I was being stuck in a lifetime timeshare contract! I had no idea how I would go about getting rid of it. Wrote countless letters and emails to Club La Costa, every time I phoned nobody answered, I felt so helpless and just wanted this weight off my shoulders. After speaking to a young lady at the Timeshare Withdrawal Team, she set up a home visit with one of the legal teams she recommended... the rest is now history! If it weren’t for that phone call, I’d still be stuck with this monkey on my back but thank god I am now timeshare free and not been left responsible paying these absurd resort fees!
Ms S Hewitt Southport, Lancs
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❝ After years of great holidays, I have not been able to use the complex anymore because of bad health, I couldn't sell it and my children didn't want my timeshare, I didn't know what to do. Thankfully after a meeting with the legal advisor that was recommended by Timeshare Withdrawal Team, I was fully up to date on how my contract was miss sold to me and for a fraction of what it would cost me to keep paying the maintenance fees I was finally out of something that no longer suited my needs. I no longer have to worry about the future!

Your Free Consultation

Your Free Consultation


Your free consultation will allow you to find out exactly what your rights are with regards to your timeshare agreement. During the one-to-one consultation, an expert will answer any questions you might have, as well as give you the advice you need.


We advise all clients attending their free one-to-one consultation to write down any questions they might have. This will ensure you don’t forget to ask something important and that we can help you in the most effective way.


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The European Commission, on 16 December 2015, adopted a Report on the evaluation of Directive 2008/122/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 January 2009 on the protection of consumers in respect of certain aspects of timeshare, long-term holiday product, resale and exchange contracts.

The directive provides stronger protection to consumers, covering contracts for the sale of Timeshare products* and long-term holiday products* for consumers. It applies to contracts regarding the resale* and exchange* of Timeshare/ long-term holiday products. It lays down rules regarding advertising, contractual information and pre-contractual the right of withdrawal and a ban on advance payments during the withdrawal period.

(*) please sections KEY TERMS

EU countries had to enact and apply national legislation transposing the directive by 23 February 2011.

Timeshare contract: a contract of a duration of more than one year under which a consumer purchases the right to use accommodation on more than one occasion, typically 1 or 2 weeks each year.

Long-term holiday product contract: a contract of a duration of more than 1 year which gives the consumer the right to discounts on accommodation or to related benefits, sometimes in combination with travel or other services.

Exchange contract: contract under which a consumer joins an exchange system which allows him/her to temporarily swap the benefits deriving from a timeshare contract with another consumer.

Resale contract: a contract under which a trader is paid to assist a consumer to sell or buy a timeshare or a long-term holiday product.

In good time before the consumer is bound by any contract, the trader shall provide clear, accurate and sufficient information, free of charge, using a standard form, in an official language of the consumer’s EU country.

The form should include information notably about the product (in the case of a Timeshare contract, long-term holiday product contract or an exchange contract) or the service (in the case of a resale contract), the consumer’s rights and all costs. It must state that there is a right of withdrawal and the conditions under which it may be exercised. This information is an integral part of the contract.

Any advertising should state where the information in writing can be obtained. At a sales event:

  • the invitation should clearly state the commercial purpose of the event,
  • the information package should be available to the consumer at all times,
  • a timeshare or a long-term holiday product shall not be marketed as an investment.

Before the contract is signed, the trader must explicitly draw attention to the consumer’s right of withdrawal, the withdrawal period, and the ban on advance payments. These clauses are subject to separate signatures. The contract shall include a separate standard withdrawal form, intended to make it easy to withdraw from the contract.

The consumer has the right to withdraw, without giving a reason, for 14 days from signature or receipt of the contract. This cooling-off period is extended by 3 months where the information package has not been given to the consumer, and by 1 year if the withdrawal form is not provided.

If a consumer withdraws, any contract linked to the main contract is automatically terminated at no extra cost.

No advance payment, guarantee or acknowledgement of debt to the trader or to a third party is allowed before the end of the withdrawal period. For resale contracts, no fees should be paid to a trader in advance of the actual sale.

Payments under long-term holiday contracts are to be made in equal yearly instalments. From the second instalment onwards, the consumer may end the contract without penalty by acting within 14 days of receiving the request for payment.

EU countries shall inform consumers of methods of redress under national legislation, and encourage out-of-court settlements.